Endsleigh Insurance are a company who take a very good long-term view of their future relationship with their customers.

Specialising in insurance for students, Endsleigh hope their customers will remain with them as they become career people. It’s a lifelong relationship. This is well impressive! A great contrast to the kind of short-termism which you see in some places!

Anyway, onto the insurance offers which are available. These have been carefully listed in the paragraphs below, so you can see what you are getting before you go there. There’s a variety of household, motor, and travel insurance, with special reference to insurance for students. You can have yourself insured when skiing, snowboarding, studying abroad, backpacking, etc. This has been well thought about, so have a think

Endsleigh Motor Insurance

Endsleigh searches a panel of leading UK insurers, offering immediate cover.

  • Fast claim turnaround
  • Free 90 day European driving cover
  • Guaranteed replacement car with comprehensive cover
  • Legal cover up to £50,000 to help recover your uninsured losses.


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