Are you aware that Pinterest may be used for business purposes?
Are you curious about which of the most popular posts can be discovered on Pinterest? Do you have trouble figuring out what works and what doesn’t on Pinterest? If that’s the case, keep reading because these Pin Inspector review entries are perfect for you!

Pins aren’t just pretty pictures on a website. When utilized correctly, they may be incredibly successful marketing tools!

Identifying high-quality content that converts to Pinterest is a huge problem with more than 500 million users and over 100 billion pins. Furthermore, many marketers will waste time and money developing content without understanding the real-world consequences!

Does this ring true for you?

No longer, because I’m going to introduce you to ” Pin Inspector,” the only software of its type to assist you in locating the “golden nugget” pins you’ll need for your Pinterest marketing success!

With this tool, it’s easier than ever to figure out what people are looking for on Pinterest and then present them with related material. This will assist you in staying one step ahead of your competitors.

However, the sooner you start using Pinterest, the better your Pinterest marketing approach will be! So let’s get started.

What does this review have in store for you? I’ll explain it to you here.

What is Pin Inspector, and how does it work?

Who wants to be the Pin Inspector?

One of the most beneficial features or things I enjoy using.

Is Pin Inspector a good investment?

Pin inspection offers both advantages and disadvantages.

I’ll continue to update my review of this tool as I use it; save the post or pin it to your Pinterest board to stay up to speed on the Pin Inspector.

Update: Pin Inspector now has direct access to information from Keysearch (SEO software) and other sources. It’s one of the most popular keyword research tools, with a lot of bloggers using it!

What Is Pin Inspector and How Does It Work?

Pin Inspector is the first and only desktop tool that allows you to find high-converting material on Pinterest, and it was just released. It comes with six strong features to help you locate hidden pins, posts, advertising, boards, pinners, and the most popular search terms.

Who wants to be the Pin Inspector?

Pin inspector was created by a group of experienced developers who wanted to address their own problem of figuring out how to quickly figure out what my target audience is looking for. You’ll be able to see everything you need in one location instead of having to sift through pages and photos!

Pin Inspector is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to know what people are looking for on Pinterest, find the most popular content, and maximize conversions. It’s perfect for corporations, social media marketers, and shops who want to see what content Pinterest users are looking for online.

With Pin Inspector, you can:

You can quickly find what you’re looking for by using keywords or topics.

In only a few minutes, you can examine your competitors’ boards and pins.

Find out what’s popular on Pinterest right now.

Find the top principle and secondary keywords for the seeds you want to use.

You’ll Definitely Enjoy the Best Pin Inspector Features!

1. Start with a seed keyword and find the best keywords.

Pin Inspector will provide suitable keywords in a matter of seconds once you enter a seed word. Using Pinterest’s recommendations feature, Pin Inspector will extract those keywords. Pin Inspector may be linked to your Keyword Planner to rapidly obtain monthly search volume, CPC, and competition.

Because Pinterest does not provide entire keyword information with just one click, it is advantageous to include many keywords in your pin names, board names, titles, hashtags, and descriptions.

The story, however, does not end here. You can receive more information by selecting some keywords from the list of keywords generated.

You will find the following results for each search word you enter:

Pins, boards, and even your competitors that are the most efficient.

With a single click, you may access Google and Bing SERP results.

Take a look at Google Trends.

For the most recent product listings on E-Commerce shops, look for the top products.

2. Use data to see what’s trending in real time and over the course of the year.

If you’re an information junkie like myself, you’ll appreciate this function. While Pinterest trends are a great way to find out what’s new in a given field, the Pin inspector’s top-search tool will take things to the next level.

The trending spike is the most enticing feature of this data that is trending. The trending data makes any unusual change or drop in interest for the issue easy to identify. This is a feature I’d want to use to find seasonal keywords or viral subjects.

Pin Inspector can use data to show you current patterns in real-time as well as over the course of the year. Specific Pinterest search keywords, trends indexes, and searches that have been trending over the last year are all included in the report.

Fortunately, you can learn more about these common terms with only a few mouse clicks. To find something specific, type in a keyword.

Popular terms are associated with the most effective boards, pins, and competitors.

With a single click, you may access Google and Bing search engine information.

Compare and contrast Pinterest and Google trends.

For product listings on E-Commerce shops, look up product descriptions.

3. Use 45 different data points to find the best-performing pins.

This Pins Analyzer Tool will be a fantastic tool for helping you figure out which pins are the most effective for a given keyword.

It will identify pins, videos, and adverts on Pinterest with only one mouse click and pull up to 45+ different information points for each pin you choose.

The best part is that you don’t even have to leave the dashboard because it takes care of everything. It’s simple to get essential information like:

Pin measurements include the number of pins saved and re-pinned, as well as comments, likes, and organic or promoted pins.

Number of followers, board names, and board followers are some of the promoter’s metrics.

Pin specifics: title, image, description, hashtags, and so on.

When used correctly, the “Pins Analyzer Tool” is a fantastic tool for determining what the general public enjoys and enhancing your site’s traffic and visibility.

To obtain extra information or to distribute the information to your consumers, you can download the data as CSV and Interactive HTML files.

4. Find the most popular board and the best-performing content on it.

Pinterest boards have become a recurring concern among pinners; but, if you’re still using them, make sure you’re utilizing the right ones and identifying the ones that produce good results.

Pin Inspector simplifies board examination by collecting 14+ data points from each board identified.

Based on the measurements of impressions, clicks, views, and comments, it is possible to utilize this information to locate top boards with the highest number of users. It also provides a summary of the most popular subjects or pins on each board at any given time.

But wait, there’s more! With a single click, you can instantly locate the top performing boards and their pins.

5. Determine which of your competitors’ pins are the most successful.

Do you want to know what your competitors’ best-performing content is?

The Pin Inspector will pull information about your competition in just one click and show you how many followers, pins, and profile views the greatest pinners have! You can also look at their most successful content/pin conversions.

Pin Inspector also allows you to chop down your competitors’ pins so you can examine what they’re doing properly and mimic their success with your own account.

6. Look for the most popular pins in your feed.

Prepare to learn more about the Pinterest account if all you know about it is that it displays photographs of your favorite items.

This tool helps you to see which ads and pins are the most popular on your feed. You’ll also get access to over 45 Pinterest points that have been concealed.

Pricing for Pin Inspectors

The cost of a pin inspector is $67 for a one-time fee. It gives you unlimited access to Pin Inspector and is compatible with up to ten PCs. It also includes a commercial license that allows you to sell reports generated by the software.

Do you have a promotional code?

The Early Bird Coupon “PIN20” gives you a 20% discount on pin inspector, bringing the total cost down to $47.

Pros of Pin Inspector

It’s a sophisticated tool with a user-friendly layout that combines all of the features and tools into a single dashboard.

When conducting research, it will save you a lot of time.

It can help you find low-competition keywords and niches that aren’t readily apparent.

One-time fee for unlimited access. High Return on Investment

Inspector Pin Cons

It’s not Pinterest-approved, but it’s a terrific tool to utilize without having to connect your accounts. To be cautious, I’m not going to connect my primary account.

One of the software’s limitations is that you must remove any pins or data you’ve collected before conducting a new search, or else it will be layered on top of the previous results, making it difficult to access.

Overwhelming? A large amount of data might be overwhelming at times. I could spend an entire day researching a topic, but Pinterest is still Wonky Donky and occasionally unpredictable.

How to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy With Pin Inspector

Make careful to utilize keywords that are linked to the names of your pins and boards so that they may be found more readily by search engines.

Look for the most popular articles as well as secondary and primary keywords related to your field. Use these ideas as inspiration for future pins.

Before you make the next set of pins, you should look at the current trends. Analyze the most popular pins throughout specific times of the year (holidays) or special occasions like Mother’s Day to seasonally adjust your content. This can help you outshine the competitors and boost engagement.

Is Pin Inspector a Good Investment?

The decision to contemplate purchasing a Pin inspector is based on your unique requirements. It saves me a lot of time, but it may also be a little confusing! It’s similar to Ahrefs, but it’s specifically for Pinterest.

I’m impressed at how quickly and easily the Pin Inspector program lets me know which pins perform very well on Pinterest. In this example, I’m trying to figure out which pins get the most saves, how many saves they get, how many re-pins they get, and how many reactions they get. After that, you can generate new ideas and build more relevant content for your business.

I used to spend hours looking through my feed to see what was working, but now Pin Inspector can do it all for me in a matter of minutes.

The Pin Inspector tool is ideal for marketers and bloggers that want to focus on creating high-quality content that will be rewarded with more re-pins, shares, and, as a result, money. Pin Inspector also saves you time by scanning your niche’s keywords and phrases with only one click. Pinterest’s automatic suggestions will not provide you with all of the keywords you require.

I am a data-driven individual. It returns a lot of important information in the search results, saving me time from having to sift through everything.

Because of two factors, it’s safe to state that Pin Inspector is well worth the money. For starters, it saves you time. Second, it allows you to uncover new ideas and themes that will aid you in improving your marketing and increasing your revenue.

If you’re still not convinced, you may recoup your costs by offering Pinterest research assistance to consumers who don’t have the time to conduct their own research.

Pin inspector is a solution that allows you to sell data reports professionally to your clients and keep the earnings. It is possible to generate dynamic HTML data reports for keyword searches, trending board search terms, pins, and pin influencers. You can also generate reports for the Pinterest specialty as a whole. It’s worth noting that it’s available for free for the first few days of the debut period.


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