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Earn the Sunrise (Olive and Arrow)

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The mob killed her parents. A young and afraid girl hid out at a wilderness camp for troubled teen girls. She struggled to build a new identity and learn jiu-jitsu.

A young boy felt he had nothing left to lose setting in juvi-jail. Fighting but always losing. Sentenced to a wilderness camp for troubled teen boys offered him a second chance. A life-changing, spiritual event in the wilderness changed his outlook. Self-discipline, and martial arts became his life.

They met in the Minnesota Boundary waters but keep their lives a secret from each other. Despite the different upbringing, the warrior ethos and their mutual attraction for each drew them closer.

Her nemesis resurfaced and baited her into a trap. Can these two survive and complete their most daring rescue yet?

Pick up Scott R Hofmann’s brand new adventure Earn the Sunrise today!


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