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Saving Sandcastles (Lobster Bay Book 1)

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*** A feel-good beach read about trust and friendship set in a quaint seaside town on the coast of Maine. USA Today Bestseller***

Claire Turner finally has everything she wants. A successful business, a small bungalow near the beach, and the camaraderie of her two best friends. She’s successful and independent—something she would never have thought possible before her husband’s midlife crisis and their subsequent divorce.

When a rival business opens across the street, Claire worries that she could lose everything she’s worked for. Her entire sense of self-worth is tied up in her bakery and café, Sandcastles, and she suddenly finds herself taking desperate measures to make sure she doesn’t lose business to the newcomer. Surprise! The business is owned by the guy Claire had a crush on as a teenager. Now he’s a grown man and there’s still an attraction, if only he wasn’t running a rival business. Is Claire overreacting? Her friends think it’s possible, but will they be able to talk her off the ledge before she does something drastic?

Jane’s beloved mother, Addie, has dementia, and it’s getting worse. Jane has her hands full trying to run the family Inn and keep Addie safe. When Addie wanders away from the Inn, Jane faces the hardest decision of her life.

And then there’s Maxi. On the surface it appears as if she has an idyllic marriage, but does she really? Now that she and James are empty-nesters, things aren’t the same and Maxi worries that James may not be interested in staying married. But Maxi has dreams of her own. Dreams that she had to set aside while she was caring for her husband and children. Now that she has an empty nest, will she be able to find the courage to turn those dreams into reality?

This is book 1 in The Lobster Bay series – a heartwarming journey of trust and friendship set in a quaint beach town with a touch of romance in every story. Join this group of friends as they help each other overcome their obstacles and discover that every cloud really does have a silver lining.

“Nothing better than small-town cozy stories and Meredith Summers is the Queen of them!” – Goodreads Review Starfish Cottage

Each book in this series can be read as a standalone story. There are no cliffhanger endings and every story is wrapped up at the end. There are recurring characters that appear in all the books though, so it’s more fun if you read from the beginning to get to know the characters as they navigate life’s path.

Saving Sandcastles (Book 1)
Changing Tides (Book 2)
Making Waves (Book 3)
Shifting Sands (Book 4)
Seaside Bonds (Book 5)
Seaside Bookclub (Book 6)

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