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The Arrangement (Arrangement Novels Book 1)

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A #1 bestselling novel from award-winning author Kiersten Modglin…
Fans of
Gone Girl, The Swap, and My Lovely Wife are sure to be gripped by this fast-paced, scandalous, and completely twisted story.

Domestic thriller readers are raving:
“…my new obsession!”
“…that ending shook me to my core.”
“I was sure I knew where it was going. I couldn’t have been more wrong.”
“Hands down, my favorite read this year!”


The arrangement was just meant to fix their marriage.
No one was supposed to get hurt.
But when the rules of this open marriage are broken, the
consequences are sinister.

Ainsley Greenburg is a fixer.
It’s what she prides herself on.

So, when she realizes her marriage is at its breaking point, she makes a decision to repair it, no matter the cost. Approaching her husband to propose the arrangement is supposed to be the hard part, but Peter agrees to the salacious plan almost immediately.

The rules are simple:

  • They will each date someone new once a week.
  • They will never discuss what happens on the dates.

Soon, though, the rules are broken, turning
terrible mistakes into unspeakable consequences.
When the only person they can count on to keep
their darkest secret is each other, new questions and deceits surface. Can they truly trust the person they share a life with, or will the vicious lies that have mounted over the years destroy everything they’ve built?

Once, Peter and Ainsley vowed to stand together forever, but as they push boundaries of deception, suspicion, and temptation, each begins to wonder if ’til death do us part may come sooner than they’d intended.

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