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The Art of Debating: 7 Crucial Techniques of Influence & Persuasion: Essential for Millennials and Generation Z

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The key to winning arguments, owning debates, and becoming the most influential in the room! No matter how confident you are or whether you even consider yourself a leader or not.

We all know somebody who can speak the right words at the right moments. Whether they want something done or somehow can charm every person they meet.

It seems like they’re always able to say the right things no matter the situation. What is it that makes them different from others?

Why are persuasion and influence elusive skills for you but not for them? I’ll tell you a secret: there’s no difference between them and you.

If you’ve believed that some people are born with a silver tongue while others aren’t, think again.

The tightness in your chest or rush of blood you feel when having a meaningful conversation or heated debate isn’t something you have to deal with anymore.

You no longer have to endure the anxiety of trying to speak your mind and convince other people of your ideas for a second longer.

Luke Warren knows the power of logical thinking, affecting the outcome of even the most stressful situations, and how you can unlock that power within yourself.

By learning the key steps you need to take before you even begin a discussion, you will see firsthand the powerful changes of strong persuasion skills.

In The Art of the Debating, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:

  • Why we are drawn to some people more than others.
  • How to take advantage to grow your social circle and boost your influence.
  • What successful persuasion is all about: the answer is not what you think
  • How asking outlandish favours makes people more likely to give you what you want.
  • The 5 obstacles holding you back from becoming a master persuader and how you can start to overcome them right now.
  • The 3 crucial types of appeals you must utilise in a debate for a strong argument that will convince both your audience and your opponent.
  • How to keep your emotions in check even in stressful situations and use that passion to build an even stronger argument.

And much more

Public speaking may be one of the most common fears we all possess, but just because it seems daunting does not mean you can’t overcome it and flourish.

Even if you’ve spent your entire life shying away from important discussions and decision-making, you can turn that around and start being a confident, influential person in your personal and professional circles.

If you’re ready to hone your people skills and become a master negotiator through learning the art of persuasion & influence, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.

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